How do we do it?


All classes are through the platform ZOOM, Live.

Classes are taught taking into account the Spain time (Madrid) Y throughout the year 2021 (every month).

I offer you two possibilities, group classes (that you can choose to do individual classes or the complete package) Y private classes.

The classes will be technique and choreography, in addition to other news that I will be advancing. The levels are going to be; beginner, intermediate and advanced.

You will have different forms of payment to facilitate the management; Cards (credit or debit), Paypal and international bank transfer.

Once you have made the payment, you will have to send the receipt and you will receive a link to enter the virtual room the day of class.

And you can also have the option of receiving the videos of recorded classes, for this you will receive a link.

The period of viewing the recorded class It is 24 hours and also the videos cannot be downloaded.

"I do not try to dance better than nobody. I just try to to dance better than me"


To dance with the feet is one thing, but to dance with the heart is another "


"The home not something to talk about. The home is to dance "


"Life is the dancer and you are the home


"You can to dance anywhere, even only in your heart "


To dance it is the poetry of the feet "


"Great dancers are not great for their technique, with great for their passion "


"If I could tell you what it feels like, it wouldn't be worth dancing to "


"A dancer dance because his blood dance in his veins "


"Dance is an art, draw your dream and follow it "


"When you dance, your purpose is not to reach a certain place on the ground. It is to enjoy every step you take "


"If you don't have something to to dance, find a reason to to dance

“It is not authentic optimism that of someone who confidently waits for reality to reach the size of their dreams; it is, However, the one capable of living his dream as a reality ". Wimpi (Uruguayan writer and journalist 1906-1956).

"If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do, keep moving forward ".

"The magic of fighting battles beyond what is humanly bearable, it is based on how magical it is to risk everything for a dream that no one else can see except you ".

"The future remains with those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".
"No dreamer is too small, no dream is too big ”.


Joaquín Grilo was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1968, in the Well Olivar. She did her first dance studies at Cristóbal's school “The Jerezano”. Follow your training in 1981 inside the Dance Studio of Fernando Belmonte and Paco del Río, where in a short time it becomes part of the “Ballet Albarizuela”, with which in 1983, with only fifteen years, made one of his first tours as “First Dancer”.

In 1986 acts in the theater “Queen Elizabeth Hall” in London. In 1987 dance in Seville in the Reales Alcázares before “Their Majesties the Kings of Spain” Y ” Their Majesties the Kings of England”, on his first visit to Spain.

In 1990 moves to Madrid, where he occupies a position like “Soloist” on the “Spanish Ballet Theater Company”. He is also hired to dance solo in the “Young Flamenco Show” (Merida).

In 1992 performs in Madrid in the room “Zambra”, inside the show “Five Dancers”. In that same year he acts as “First Dancer” at “Luisillo Ballet” in the show “Blood Moon”, at the Villa de Madrid Theater, and later collaborates in the show of “Lola Flores”.

In 1992 Y 1993 create your own solo show, “In the Candela”, premiered in Taipei (Taiwan). In march 1993, on his return from Taiwan, start rehearsing the show “Zambra” with the 5 bailaores, to perform in Utrech (Holland), at the festival that takes place annually. He is also called to collaborate on the film “Flamenco”, from Director Carlos Saura.
In 1993 is called by Vicente Amigo for the show “From my heart to the air”. That same year, is called as “Invited artist” for the Joaquín Cortés show “Zibayí”.
In the time between 1994 Y 1999, is part of Paco de Lucía's group, sharing the stage with musicians like Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, José Mª Bandera, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Rubén Dantas, Ramón de Algeciras, Pepe de Lucía, Duquende, etc…, touring around the world.

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Artistic File

Home – Joaquín Grilo

Cynthia Cano, Martha of Troy, Noelia Vilches, Paula Salazar, Nuria Figueroa

Dance - Actor - Fernando Galán

Cante - "Guest Artist"

Music elves (sing) – Makarines

Sing – May Fernandez

Guitars – Francis Gómez

Keyboard and piano – Rodrigo Carmona

Drums and percussion – Ané Carrasco

Artistic and Technical Team

Artistic and choreographic direction – Joaquín Grilo

Stage direction – Joaquín Grilo

Scenic advice - Tras el Trapo Teatro

Idea original – Joaquín Grilo, Nuria Figueroa

Choreography – Joaquín Grilo

Music - Makarines. Francis Gómez, Rodrigo Carmona

Scenography idea - Joaquín Grilo

Scenography realization - Jorge Ortiz

Lighting Design - Marcos Serna

Costume design - Joaquín Grilo, Nuria Figueroa

Costume creation - Ana Téllez

Shoe Store - Abraham Zambrana, Gallardo

Directorate - Nuria Figueroa

Lighting Technician - Marcos Serna

Sound technicians - Lauren Serrano, Juan Luis Vela

Props- Abraham Zambrana, Nuria Figueroa

Photography - Miguel Ángel González

Video – Felix Vazquez / Op. Paco Ortiz Cameras, Manuel J. Rodriguez

Sales and Distribution - Flaco Producciones S.L

Executive production - Flaco Producciones S.L (Nuria Figueroa)

Production - Flaco Producciones S.L (Joaquín Grilo)

Co-production - Fundarte (Villamarta Theater)

Management - Flaco Producciones S.L (Nuria Figueroa)