La Calle de Mis Sueños


“It’s not an authentic optimism that one which comes from whom trustingly expects reality to come to be as big as his dreams; it is, however, that one who is able to love his dream as a reality”. Wimpi (Uruguayan writer and journalist 1906-1956).

“If you cannot fly, therefore run; if you cannot run, therefore walk; if you cannot walk, therefore drag. However, whatever you do, continue moving forward”.

“The magic of fighting battles beyond what is humanly bearable is based on the magic of what it comes from risking everything for a dream that nobody else will be able to see, except you”.

“The future remains in those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.

“No dreamer is too small, no dream is too big”.


Joaquín Grilo was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1968 on Pozo del Olivar Street. He started his first dance studies at Cristóbal “El Jerezano” School. In 1981 he continued training at Fernando Belmonte and Paco del Río Dance Studio, where in a short time he would take part in Ballet Albarizuela, in which, in 1983 and at only fifteen years old, he started one of his first tours as a lead dancer.
In 1986 he performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. In 1987 he danced at the Royal Alcazars of Seville in front of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain and Their Majesties the King and Queen of England, on their first visit to Spain.
In 1990 he moved to Madrid, where he performed as a solo dancer at the Teatro Ballet Español Company. He was also hired to dance as a solo dancer at the Young Flamenco Exhibition in Mérida.
In 1992, he performed at Zambra, a famous tablao or Flamenco stage in Madrid with the show Cinco Bailaores (Five Flamenco Dancers). In that year, he performed as a lead dancer in Ballet Luisillo in the show “Luna de sangre” (Blood Moon), at the Villa Theatre in Madrid. He later collaborated in the Lola Flores spectacle.
In 1992 and 1993, he created his own solo show “En el Candela” and it was first performed in Taipei, Taiwan. In March 1993, having returned from Taiwan, he began to rehearse the show Zambra with the five bailaores, or Flamenco dancers, to later perform at an annual festival in Utrecht, Holland. He was also asked to take part in the film Flamenco directed by Carlos Saura.
In 1993 Vicente Amigo asked him to participate in his spectacle “De mi corazón al aire”. That year, he became the guest artist in a show created by Joaquín Cortés called “Zibayí”.
In the time between 1994 and 1999, he took part in the group of Paco de Lucía, touring all around the world and sharing the stage with other musicians such as Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, José Mª Bandera, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Rubén Dantas, Ramón de Algeciras, Pepe de Lucía and Duquende.

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Artistic Cast


Dancers – Joaquín Grilo

   Cynthia Cano, Marta de Troya, Noelia Vilches, Paula Salazar, Nuria Figueroa

Dancer – Actor – Fernando Galán

Singer “Guest artist”  

Singer – May Fernández, “Maloko”, Enrique “Remache”

Guitars – Francis Gómez 

Keyboard and piano – Rodrigo Carmona                                      

Drums and percussion – Ané Carrasco


 Technical and Artistic Crew


Artistic and Choreography Direction – Joaquín Grilo

Stage Director – Joaquín Grilo

Stage Advisor–  Tras el Trapo Teatro

Original Idea – Joaquín Grilo, Nuria Figueroa 

Choreography – Joaquín Grilo

Music – Francis Gómez, Rodrigo Carmona 

Scenography idea  – Joaquín Grilo

Scenography realization – Jorge Ortiz 

Lighting Design – Marcos Serna

Costume Design – Joaquín Grilo, Nuria Figueroa

Costume realization – Ana Téllez                                                                                             

Shoes – Abraham Zambrana, Gallardo

Stage Manager – Nuria Figueroa

Lighting Technician – Marcos Serna                                                                 

Sound Technicians – Lauren Serrano, Juan Luís Vela

Props – Abraham Zambrana, Nuria Figueroa                     

Photography – Miguel Ángel González

Video – Féliz Vázquez (Sarao Films)

Sales and distribution – Flaco Producciones S.L

Executive Production – Flaco Producciones S.L (Nuria Figueroa)

Production – Flaco Producciones S.L (Joaquín Grilo)                                    

Co-production – Fundarte (Villamarta Theatre)

Management – Flaco Producciones S.L (Nuria Figueroa)